Working on MY iPad: Cursor Dual Editor for iPad

I have been asking for an application like this for years. Finally a developer is kind enough to build it. I am not familiar with Shigeto Takagi, but finally someone design an app that you can work with two documents on the iPad at the same time.
In my wish list, continue that I can open those documents from Dropbox and iCloud, that I have word count, can choose to use one screen only and dark interface for long writing. That will make the application my day to day application. I will delete the others, immediately.
In the mean time at least I can use this on those occasions that I want to have two texts, or the outline on one side and the text I am writing on the other.
The application works only on plain text that it is perfect and allow you to email the content when you finish.
This may seem as simple stuff, but it is a great tools for writers and more. This has come to be one of my favorite applications to take notes, I love that I can naturally split my notes, for example write on the write my notes and on the left my actions.
I wish more developers follow Shigeto Takagi steps and work into this dual concept, since they are things that really this dual screen is an incredible advantage.
I wish I could get the ads from the bottom, I will happily pay for a premium product, and wish that instead of Free I would had been able to pay the developer.
In the mean time, download it and give it a ride.
iPad Version (Free)
<a href=”
“>iPhone Version ($1.99)

TIP #16: Find your limits. Find your Loves. Respect them deeply.

Most people ignore their loves and limits. They walk trough life hoping instead. It is critical to discover your limits. Every time you cross one of those limits, your energy gets depleted at a extremely higher rate. If you ignore them, you simply kill yourself slowly (even that it will be really fast).
Equally people ignore their loves, they hope that someday, after fifty or so years of work they will be able to find them. Your loves also died if you ignore them, and they are critical too. When you give attention to your loves you get energized again.
Your Limits and Loves are what allow you to keep flourishing and managing your energy. Like the Yin and Yan. It is important that you discover them, and critical that you respect them. Your life may depend of it.
i.e. I love to read, give me energy, make me feel good (even bad books) I have people close to me, getting to my attention if I stop reading for any reason.
i.e.2. Find my loves and my Limits had allow me to recharge faster, avoid burn out, and improve the quality of my life all around. Spend the necessary time identifying those, it will change your life forever.