TIP#31: The Present (X-mas) List

Xmas already? Wait, wasn’t that on December? ok, it was.
I don’t remember when I create this list, but if you are like me, you struggle with presents. I am awful, I hate go to the shopping mall. Go Shopping and Go to the Dentist are at the same level of things that I avoid like the plague.
I learned many years ago that I could write down all that stuff that you see and think that someone will love, but that it is too early to buy. For example, if my wife said that she wants an X, I write it down. I may or may not ever get it, but it is great to have it in the list.
Same works for my daughter, nephews and nieces, (I think my wife is the only adult I gave presents to, as a general rule I only give presents to kids) a soon as we think on a present I added to the list. When the time is right (birthdays or X-mas for example) I just pull out the list.
i.e. That’s one of the reasons I finish my X-mas shopping so fast, after thanksgiving in the US, I open the lists, go to Amazon and buy all the stuff I will need. It is fast and effective. Because in general I have twelve months or more feeding this list, doesn’t take that much and the suffering is little.