TIP#4: Using a pump bottle to do Laundry

20130102-130644.jpgHow many times have you measured to do the laundry just to end up with a mess all around? (In my case many times) That’s until I found a pump bottle. Now I make a mess once a month or less (When I refill this pump bottle with my favorite brand of laundry soap, as well as the other products)
In my case I got a bottle of a brand called “Method” Use the first time and then replace with my favorite brand. I measure once, and now I know (and it is written in the bottle) that it is 4 pumps for Tide, 7 for Downy, and 5 for Clorox. I never again need to measure or create a mess around the washer.

i.e. The hardest part after emptied the bottle was to discover how many pumps I need for each product. (Pump into the measuring cap only once)

TIP #3: Sent from a random place using my… (Add your own device)

On any and every email client that I use my signature said: “Sent from a random place using my iPhone” Brevity is only allowed when your email comes from your mobile phone. People expect longer emails when they come from the computer or the iPad. Instead of writing longer emails, add that line for the signature (all your email programs, all your devices), people will understand the shorter email and you will be able to answer more in less time. One of the most important things is that all your devices said the same, nothing worse than people knowing from where you are sending emails.
i.e. My signature said: “Sent from a random place using my iPhone” but you can also said things like: “Sent from my Phone — please forgive the brevity and any strange auto-correct results I didn’t catch :)

TIP #2: The Procrastination List.

Most people see Procrastination, as something really bad. Others had learn to procrastinate productively. Create a list, your Procrastination Lists. Add some stuff that you want to accomplish. Some that it is fun. Some of those things you love and some of those that you only do when procrastinating, but that can be useful. After you create the lists, here is the important rule:
You will discover that you can productively procrastinate, and accomplish an incredible amount of useful things.

i.e. If you add to the book read a book, and you read 100 in 2013 you will be ahead of the world

TIP #1: Don't make a list of Goals. Pick one for the next 30 days

Don’t make a long list of goals for 2013. Instead pick ONE goal and work on it for the next 31 days. Make sure you write in detail, your current situation and your specific goal. The more detail, the more chance to succeed you will have.
i.e. I am currently 220lbs. By Jan 31st, I want to be 212lbs. I will weight myself every friday. I will follow an slow carb diet from Sunday to Friday and will rest (and therefore eat freely) on saturday.